silo (noun) 1. a trench, pit, or especially a tall cylinder (as of wood or concrete) usually sealed to exclude air and used for making and storing silage. (source: Merriam-Webster)

silo thinking: A metaphor drawn from the large grain silos that one sees throughout the US Midwest. It is a term of derision that suggests that each department on an organization chart is a silo and that its stands alone, not interacting with any of the other departmental silos. (source: Business Process Trends)

In agriculture, storing the grain and feed that makes silage in solid structures to keep it separate from external influences, so do we generally neglect to make connections between and among many things in our lives.

We tend to keep our ideas static, rarely seeking more information to support them as logical and sound. Additionally, we often ignore the influence of our individual lives on the lives of others in our larger community, state, and nation; the effect of history on the present; the generational past on our current lives; the dynamic engagement we can have with ideas combining multimedia with reading and writing; the motley of endless resources that we can and must pull from in order to live life more fully and lively (like literature, business, fiction, music, comedy, performing art, academia, your grandmother’s wisdom, political commentary, conscious living, and on and on).

No Silos is about bringing these influences together, to bring connection to seemingly disparate ideas and give rise to observations that straddle disciplines and points of view. No Silos is about bringing another perspective, presenting ideas that we failed to consider, combining vignettes from videos, pictures, design, and other writers to reveal or bring more context to a larger idea. No Silos is about reimagining the lives we live by introducing more critical thought into why we do what we do.

Recommending a read elsewhere in the blogosphere, responding to unexamined ideas in a report or commentary, or sharing perspective on technology, society, institution, and cultural expression: in these posts there’s always a connection, a reference, or a supporting point that comes from a source probably not expected, or a nuance rarely inspected.

At No Silos, it’s all connected.

The Author

Adam Wilson, a general advocate for knowledge, critical thinking, and creativity. Whether I’m reblogging, viewing film and documentaries, getting deeper about living my best life, or telling stories with my camera, I want to know about this world and its infinite diversity and stories.

I write, I read, I think; therefore, I am.


See Any Other Connections?

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